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NetCounsel is Piquet Kruzas LL.B, GDLP


Piquet completed his law degree in 2000, was admitted to practice in 2002 and in 2013 he became a Partner of small law firm located in an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne. In 2016, Piquet established NetCounsel Lawyers to provide growing businesses with an "outsourced in-house counsel". With today's modern technology, distance is no longer the barrier it once was and with NetCounsel your business can access legal guidance just as easily as if your lawyer was sitting in the office right next to yours, but without all the overhead costs that entails.

Piquet has many years of legal, regulatory and investigative experience. He advises clients on a range of commercial and business issues. The NetCounsel concept was developed to provide businesses with a low-cost proactive approach to the many and varied issues they face each week. There are so many pitfalls waiting for unsuspecting businesses it is impossible for business owners to keep up to date with developments in their own industry, let alone the myriad of potential legal problems that can arise. Wouldn't it be comforting to be able to run something past your lawyer before it is too late? 

Forewarned is forearmed. 

The NetCounsel model is designed to allow valued clients to have a short consult with a lawyer at no charge for legal tips and traps to be alert to.

That's right - free legal guidance to help you avoid getting stuck up the creek without a paddle.

Piquet's background and expertise in commercial/business law, competition and consumer law, Internet defamation and regulatory investigations gives NetCounsel Lawyers an added dimension not typically found in suburban law firms. 

Piquet has a broad-ranging background outside the law which gives him additional ability to understand client concerns and an ability to develop pragmatic advice. He has more than 20 years' experience as an Assistant Director and investigator with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and later as a member of the Unfair Contract Terms task force within Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Piquet is a an acknowledged expert in defamation law, with a particular emphasis on Internet-related defamation, and has acted for some of Australia's better known, large independent websites and online forums.  He is currently legal counsel for the online forum

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